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Gem Type: Sapphire

Length: 48-51cm

Clasp: Silver lobster clasp 925

stone dimensions:2-4mm

Stone shape: sphere

Colour blue


Product description:


This beautiful necklace is made from the precious gemstone sapphire.

The chain has spherical stones and the stone diameter is about 2-4 mm. The chain also has a 925 silver lobster clasp. In addition, the chain can be extended from a length of 48 cm to 51 cm.




Sapphire has the ability to calm and strengthen nerves. This has a soothing effect on the mind. At the same time, the sapphire strengthens the willpower of its owner and allows goals or wishes to be realized in a straight line and with energy.


Gemstone chain sapphire - blue-toned spherical

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  • I would like to point out that all dimensions are not exact values and may vary slightly. Furthermore, there may also be color deviations in the pictures of the product .

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