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Gem Type: Mandarin Garnet

Length: 43 - 46 cm

Clasp: Silver lobster clasp 925

Stone measurements: 1-3mm

stone shape:slices

Colour: orange-brown

Cut: faceted


Product description:


This beautiful necklace is made from the gemstone Mandarin Garnet.

The chain has faceted disc-like stones and the stone diameter is about 1-3mm.

Furthermore, the chain is provided with a 925 silver lobster clasp. In addition, the chain can be extended from a length of 43 cm to 46 cm.




The garnet acts primarily on the bodily fluids. It promotes blood circulation, stimulates the formation of plasma and red blood cells, strengthens the heart and stabilizes circulation.


Mandarin garnet gemstone necklace - faceted orange-brown disc-shaped

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  • I would like to point out that all dimensions are not exact values and may vary slightly. Furthermore, there may also be color deviations in the pictures of the product .

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